My kids have always loved eco-friendly children’s crafts – and as a mum I have always had a passion for making new ones up! Re-using materials you already have for kids crafts – such as recycling packaging materials – makes a lot of sense. Firstly it is inexpensive – in many cases literally free – and in my opinion the best Eco friendly children’s crafts are often the free ones!!

boy playing with homemade salt dough

Salt dough – an exteremly inexpensive & sustainable craft activity!

Secondly – and almost most importantly – it yields a real sense of satisfaction, almost like a kind of Win-Win feeling! I mean what’s not to like when you get to be creative with your kids and cut down on your consumer waste at the same time?


Toilet roll + balloon = flower petal popper!

All things considered eco-friendly kids crafts have a lot of benefits. However sometimes crafting with recycled materials can produce quite bulky results! We have probably all struggled to hang on to that amazing sculpture our kid made from 30 toilet rolls!!

cones, corks, sticks, bulbs and other natural materials

Natural materials ready for the next crafting session..

It is important to realise, though, that the process of crafting with kids is just as important as the end result! Often even more so! The magic lies in creating something new together, in other words every crafting ecperience is a chance for kids to exercise their creativity. And creativity is maybe one of the most important resources to exercise these days!

I hope you get inspired by our eco friendly kids craft ideas! And I hope you guys create something that’s beautiful, fun and good for our planet!

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