Nature confetti poppers! – Flower petal party poppers from toilet paper tubes!

Ever tried making nature confetti poppers? In my opinion biodegradable nature poppers are – in essence – a near perfect recycled party decorations diy!


Firstly they are very inexpensive – nearly completely free – to make. Secondly they make great use of the humble – and readily available – toilet roll tubes, so abundant in every family.


…And thirdly they utilise whatever seasonal nature is abundant, in an absolutely stunning way! In short – biodegradable party poppers are one sustainable party craft you should definitely try!


What you need to make Nature Confetti Poppers:

All you need for this pretty, eco friendly nature diy is;

  • toilet roll tubes
  • balloons or biodegradable balloons
  • paint/pens or decorative paper
  • decorative ribbon (optional)
  • elastic band & fresh flowers (optional)

Provided you use compostable balloons and paper parcel tape for your diy, your flower petal party poppers will be completely 100% biodegradable!

Here’s how to make your basic recycled toilet roll tube party popper..

Nature Confetti Poppers Video Tutorial:

(if you can’t see the video please tap below)

Once you have your basic ‘toilet roll popper’ made up, it’s time to decorate it – our favourite bit! You can paint it or use pens/crayons to decorate it or – like us – you can wrap it with paper or fabric, and add fresh flowers tucked into an elastic band as decorations..

sustainable flower petal party poppers
Sustainable flower petal poppers for eco-friendly summer parties!

As much as flower petal party poppers are a perfect natural wedding confetti and summer party diy – they are simultaneously- an absolutely great recycled kids craft too!

And a wonderful way of making the most of seasonal nature in your garden or local habitat – while recycling an abundant consumer waste – the humble toilet roll!

rose petal biodegradable party poppers nature confetti poppers made from recycled toilet roll tubes

I hope you have fun creating your nature confetti poppers! Whether you will make sustainable party decorations, explore as a nature kids craft – or simply enjoy as an easy and fun DIY!

Nature confetti poppers – the ultimate summer party accessory?

biodegradable party flower_petal_nature_confetti_poppers_made _from_toilet_rolls_DIY_for_weddings_and_parties

Want more nature craft inspiration? why not try making some fun milk carton pinatas? or a colourful & eco friendly garden balloon den?

I hope you have fun! Follow us on facebook to never miss a post! Good energy ahead Ulla Lake x x

sustainable nature party poppers diy idea

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  1. Ulla Lake

    Summer is coming, and if you have roses in your garden this is the perfect summer party craft for you! We had so much fun with this! Please comment with your feedback if you have a go x x Ulla Lake

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Nature confetti poppers! – Flower petal party poppers from toilet paper tubes!