How to make Giant Boho Feathers + an easy paper party garland!

Summer party coming up? Craft these Giant Paper Feathers in just 10 minutes – and add flowers to make an easy paper party garland!

How to make an easy Paper Feather Party Garland

What you need:

  • A4 card stock (or paper) – we used some old dividers from a folder, but you could use anything you have really!
  • Narrow ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Single hole punch (optional but very useful!)
  • Foliage or flowers from your garden or elsewhere!

Start with two sheets of A4 card or paper – you get two giant feathers from each sheet

Fold the card in half lengthways

..and fold it in half lengthways again..

Start making 45 degree cuts – at 1cm intervals – from the ‘open’ side of the card towardt the folded side. Be careful not to cut all the way through!

Keep cutting down the length of your card – but leave the last 5 cm uncut

Start cutting from the top of your ‘feather’ – shaping it from a narrowest point at the top, to a widest point in the middle, and down again to a narrow point at the base..

When you get to the uncut bit at the base, cut straight down parralel to the feather edge (see photo)

Your card or paper should now look a little like this

Open up your card to reveal your paper feathers..

And Voila! – you have made four Giant Boho Paper Feathers!

Fold the feather ‘bases’ over and punch a hole..

You now have two holes, for threading your feathers onto ribbon

Thread your feathers onto narrow ribbon or string – and tuck a little flower stem into the loop (optional)

Finishing off your Paper Feather Garland

The garland can of course be customised to whatever length you want – and you decide how close to place the feathers, what foliage to use etc.

You can also add other embellishments like sequins, pompoms, ribbon, tassels etc. Whatever takes your fancy!

And your Boho Feather Garland is ready to hang!

We had so much fun creating this easy paper party garland for our garden summer party last year, and – in conclusion – I can really recommend it. It really is, in essence, a really easy homemade party decoration!

In addition it has the benefit of being eco friendly and sustainable – provided you reuse your old card stock or paper! I hope you have fun!

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How to make Giant Boho Feathers + an easy paper party garland!