Are you are planning an eco friendly kids birthday party? Or maybe a perfectly sustainable wedding celebration? In either case, sustainable party decorations can make your event vibrant and colourful!

flower_petal_poppers_made _from_toilet_rolls_and_balloons

Rose petal party poppers – a perfect addition to summer parties!

I have to confess – Eco friendly parties are my favourite kind of parties! This is probably because creating eco friendly party decorations has become a real passion of mine! Here I have collected all my ideas for sustainable party decorations and nature inspired party crafts, for you to enjoy!


Compostable decorations – such as food items – are super sustainable!

There are many great ways of making use of eco friendly materials – while not only respecting nature –  but also keeping wastage to a minimum! And to me Eco friendly party decor is  all about creating  joy and colour while cutting out expense and material waste!

sugar cookie horses decorated with royal icing

Edible party decorations are both eco friendly, and completely  yummy!

I hope you enjoy my eco friendly party ideas, and get inspired to create some awesome decorations for your celebration!

Ulla Lake x

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