Cardboard box fairground game! – an eco friendly party game kids will love!

Planning a eco-friendly birthday party? This epic Cardboard Box Fairground Stall is one eco friendly party game kids will love – and it will keep them entertained for hours!

Cardboard box eco friendly party game kids craft idea

Pull a ribbon and win a prize! If your kids are anything like mine – and they just might be – they will love this homemade fairground style game! Kids love winning prizes – in particular when there is a surprise involved – which is what makes this ‘try your luck’ game so much fun!

Another joy of this eco friendly party game – along with its hours of play value – is the sustainable element! Make it from a recycled cardboard box and an empty wrapping paper tube – along with a few lengths of ribbon or string. It will cost you next to nothing!

If you use second hand toys or books for prizes, you can make this childrens party fairground game even more sustainable – or how about some homemade crafts or treats as prizes? – no wrapping paper required! And it can easily double as a fun way of giving out your party favours!

How to build a Cardboard Box Fairground Game!

Watch our short video tutorial – (or pin it for later!) – then scroll down for our full step by step instructions, tips and tricks!

What you will need for your Cardboard Box Party Stall:

cardboard box, card tube, ribbon, chalk pens and straws
  • Cardboard box – it’s size will determine the shape/size of your game
  • Empty wrapping paper tube (or kitchen paper tube)
  • Narrow ribbon (around 9 metres)
  • 6 Straws
  • 6 Wine Corks (optional)
  • Glue, scissors, Chalk Pens (or paint, crayons, felt tips)
Paint your cardboard box to create the frame of your sustainable party craft fairground party game

Start by laying your card box on its side, and opening out the four ‘flaps’. Decorate the edges of the box – I used chalk pens but you can use paint, felt tips, crayons or whatever you like!

cut off the edges oof the box to achieve a more interesting shape

Cut off the edges of the flaps, to create a more interesting stall shape (optional)

Use ribbon to tie the side flaps to the base flap. Also flip the top flap back and attach to the main box in the same way.

Write a catchy sign to attract your punters! – and attach it to the back of the box

Decorate your wrapping paper / kitchen paper card tube.

Cut six pieces of narrow ribbon, cord or string 1.5 mtr / 5 ft. long. They needs to go trough a standard straw easily, so a smooth material will work best.

Thread a piece of ribbon through each straw.

Fix the straws together with elastic bands to form a unit.

Now cut a hole in the middle of your card tube and push the straws unit through it. Move the unit to the end of the tube, leaving the ribbons to hang out of the end.

Glue the straws unit securely in place just inside the end of the card tube, and leave to dry.

Pull the ribbons to test if they move easily backwards and forwards.

Making colour coded tassel cork pulls for your stall!

Drill a hole through six corks, and paint them different colours.

This step is optional, if you prefer you can colour code your pulls in another way i.e. with coloured ribbon, paint etc. However f you love tassels – like me! – you will probably really enjoy making these cute recycled cork pulls.

To attach your cork pulls, thread your narrow ribbon through the middle of the cork, so it loops back on itself trapping two short pieces of ribbon under the cork (see above). Then pull the narrow ribbon back up so the short pieces of ribbon get trapped inside the hole of the cork, pertruding out of the end. Finish with a wooden bead at the top. Please also see video tutorial at the bottom of the page.

Your tasseled recycled cork pulls will look something like this!

Pull the ribbons from the middle hole in the tube, so the pulls hang down from one end of the tube.

Tie your prizes to the strings hanging down from the middle of the tube and arrange them along the game, ready to be won!

Test out your game by pulling a cork of your choice!

That’s it – you’re ready for your guests to have fun winning prizes! – in your Birthday Party Cardboards Box Fairground Game!

If you end up having any questions on this project please just contact me anytime – I would love to help you out!

We had so much fun making this stall game – and trying it out afterwards – I hope you do too! Please do let me know it you have a go, I love feedback!

Lots of love

Ulla Lake x x

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Cardboard box fairground game! – an  eco friendly party game kids will love!