How to make a Flower Chandelier – prettiest flower craft of June

the finished chandelier made completely from hedgerow plants - how to make a flower chandelier

How to make a flower chandelier? It’s surprisingly easy and, – above all – really good fun! June is here and the hedgerows are brimming with beautiful grasses – so let’s get creative!

This cute nature DIY is a gorgeous way to display flowers – and nearly all plants will look great! Grasses – and other foliage that stays fresh for a long time without water – are especially ideal!

the different wild grasses of junes hedgerows- how to make a flower chandelier

Gather a selection of foliage, grasses, flowers or whatever nature you have available! I used solely hedgerow plants for my chandelier.

plait the longest grasses you can find to form the top loop - how to make a flower chandelier

Also select some of the longest most robust lengths of grass you can find for the top hoop. I used 9 strands of a really long kind of grass – not sure what its called – and tied them together at the base of the strands. Then I divided into 3 sections (with 3 strands in each) and started plaiting. You can use more strands in each section, if you feel your grasses are quite thin.

If you don’t want to make a hoop from nature you could use an embroidery hoop, wire hoop – or any other kind of hoop you have available – to hang your foliage from, and omit this step.

make a loop from the grass plait - how to make a flower chandelier

When the plait is long enough for the size circle you would like – mine was around 50cm – gather the ends together.

Now split the unplaited ends into two sections (instead of three) and start wrapping them around the already plaited part, thus forming a hoop.

use cotton to fasten the loop together - how to make a flower chandelier

When you have used up all your grass ends in this way, you can reinforce the fastening with cotton, to hold the hoop in place.

Decide on what foliage/flowers you would like to hang in your chandelier – and cut it to size.

tie your hedgerow plants with cotton for hanging - how to make a flower chandelier

Tie cotton to each individual piece of foliage (or tie several together into ‘hanging pieces’). I created 10 ‘hanging pieces’ for my chandelier.

Tie the hanging pieces to your nature hoop – you can make the m all the same length or different lengths.

And Voila – your pretty Hedgerow Flower Chandelier is ready to hang!

Watch my short video tutorial below – or pin it for later!

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I hope you have fun!

Love Ulla Lake x x

How to make a Flower Chandelier – prettiest flower craft of June