Nature play Easter dough eggs – A super simple eco friendly activity!

If your family loves Easter – like mine does – chances are you love spending time together being creative! Celebrating a family Easter is fun! Here’s how you can create beautiful Nature play Easter Dough Eggs – with easy salt free dough!
nature play Easter dough eggs kids activity

Why not have a go at creating colourful Nature Play Easter dough eggs?

outdoor sensory kids play easter eggs with salt free dough

Playing with pretty colours and natural materials – like basic salt free dough – is a great way to get ready for spring together! 

sustainable party decorations eco friendly nature inspired craft salt free dough diy

While it may be true that indoor crafts are less messy, outdoor activities can be more free and flexible! Not only can you be free to make a mess, but you also get plenty of fresh air while doing it. And this salt dough nature play activity is no exception..

nature play easter dough eggs sensory kids play idea

How to make nature play Easter dough eggs

This activity is surprisingly simple and inexpensive – all you need is normal wheat flour, water and foliage from your garden! Firstly mix flour and tap water to form a firm dough – secondly shape the dough into shapes – in this case Easter eggs -and decorate with nature! It really is that simple!

Easter dough eggs video tutorial:

(if you can’t see the video please tap below)

As you can see from my selection of garden foliage in the video – anything goes in this nature play activity! – even bits of your old Christmas tree!

The sky – or maybe your creativity – really is the limit! I hope you guys have fun with this sustainable nature play activity – and have a Happy Easter!

Ulla Lake x x

Super simple – and oh so pretty – eco friendly family activity!

Want more ideas? Try to make a milk carton pinata – or create pretty nature confetti poppers!

I hope you have fun! Lots of love

Ulla Lake x x

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  1. Ulla Lake

    Hi all! Easter is coming up – one of my favourite times of year! and I hope you enjoy this super easy Easter themed family nature play idea! Ulla Lake xx

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Nature play Easter dough eggs – A super simple eco friendly activity!