Diy Giant Birthday Rosettes! – Sustainable & Easy birthday decorations

Birthday coming up? These giant recycled card Birthday Rosettes are really quick and easy Birthday decorations to make with kids!

Giant pizza box Birhtday Rosettes are – in my opinion – an epic recycled craft project! Firstly they are a great recycled cardboard kids craft – secondly they are sustainable and easy birthday decorations – and thirdly a cool personalised birhtday gift!

a boy wearing a giant birthday rosette decoration made from a pizza box

So – whatever you would like to use them for – let’s get going and make some!

What you need to make Giant Rosette easy birthday decorations..

  • Pizza boxes, cereal boxes or any other recycled cardboard
  • A4 plain paper, recycled wrapping paper or any other paper you have
  • Glue stick or PVA glue
  • Paint, pens or crayons

You’ll find another video tutorial on how to make a single rosette with tassels further down..

How to make a recycled cardboard Giant Birthday Rosette

step by step tutorial on how to make a giant birthday rosette from a pizza box kids eco friendly recycled cardboard party craft activity
  1. Cut out four circular discs from cardboard (two larger ones and two smaller ones) I used pizza boxes, but any cardboard will do!
  2. Stick together three sheets of A4 paper to create one long length of paper.
  3. Decorate your length of paper with paint or pens. I found stripes and dots are effective patterns for this project.
  4. Fold the entire length of paper concertina (lika a harmonica, see picture and video) all the way up.
step by step tutorial on how to make easy birthday decorations  giant birthday rosettes from pizza boxes  kids eco friendly recycled cardboard party crafts

5. Cut your ‘harmonica’ in half, to create two narrower ‘harmonicas’

6. Stick the two lengths together both ends, to form a circular ‘harmonica’.

7. Draw a circular guide line on one of the large card discs (2cm from the edge and going all the way round) This is optional but may help you in the next step. Apply glue to the area between the guide line and the card circle’s edge.

8. Lift the circular ‘harmonica’ onto the card disc and start attaching it to the disc edge, all the way around.

Step 8 is fiddly and can be a little tricky, as you have to try and distribute the paper eveny, while at the same time thinking about how youre folding it. You might want to help children with this step. I was’nt too precise with my arranging, prefering a relaxed ‘handmade’ overall look.

step by step tutorial on how to make easy birthday decorations  giant birthday rosettes from pizza boxes  kids eco friendly recycled cardboard party crafts

9. Apply glue to the back of the other large card disc, and attach it to the top of the rosette.

10. If you would like a double rosette then repeat the same process (steps 2 – 8 ) with the two smaller card discs.

11. Decorate your top cardboard disc with whatever you want – personalise it – make it amazing – then attach it to the rosette.

12. That’s it your Giant Rosette is finished – and ready to impress!

A larger than life Birthday Rosette – handmade by you – is sure to make your loved ones day!

We also made some smaller single Rosettes with added Paper Tassels – please see how we made these here..

four giant birthday rosettes with numbers on sustainable homemade from pizza boxes

I had so much fun designing these giant Birthday Rosettes from Pizza boxes – they really are fun, inexpensive and easy birthday decorations to create! I hope you will feel inspired to create one for your celebration too!

a homemade 1st birthday large celebration rosette made from a pizza box next to a unicorn pinata

Thank you for reading – and watching! – follow us on social media for more sustainable and eco friendly ideas!

Blogger Ulla Lake holding a giant recycled cardboard 21st Birthday Rosette paper craft diy
Have a great day everyone x x

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  1. Ulla Lake

    Hi all – I can’t believe it’s May already! We dreamed up this recycled cardboard party craft for my sons 10th Birthday and I’m still making them! I think I’m hooked on this one, It’s just so fun!! If you have a go you might end up making them for your whole family too! x x

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Diy Giant Birthday Rosettes! – Sustainable & Easy birthday decorations