10 minute Easy leaf crown – the perfect sustainable party headdress?

Ever made a really pretty leaf crown? You should be able to dream this one up in around 10 minutes – it’s great fun to make and – moreover – it might just be the perfect sustainable party headdress!

easy nature headdress from laurel and lavender sprigs sustainable headdress

Summer is on it’s way – and we will soon spend more time in nature! For many this means utilising the nature around them in creative ways! Last summer I had a lot of Laurel leaves – left over from gardening – and I felt inspired to create a pretty crown! I love the beautiful shape and glossiness of Laurel leaves – just perfect for a sustainable headdress!

laurel leaves, lavender and ribbon for a nature tiara diy

All you need for this stunning 10 minute leaf crown is laurel leaves, lavender sprigs – or any other flowers you have available – and narrow ribbon!

Pretty and so easy leaf crown ideal sustainable party accessory
Pretty nature leaf crown – an ideal sustainable party accessory!

How to make your Easy Leaf Crown:

(if you can’t see the video please tap below)

And voila! – your pretty & sustainable laurel nature crown is ready!

Ulla Lake wearing a woven laurel and lavender crown

I hope you have fun creating & wearing this Eco friendly – and virtually free – nature headdress!

Ulla Lake wearing a sustainable laurel crown with lavender sprigs

If you’re looking for more nature inspired crafts why not try creating some pretty recycled toilet roll tube Nature Party Poppers? Or maybe a colourful and eco friendly milk carton party pinata?

easy and super pretty leaf crown from laurel and lavender

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10 minute Easy leaf crown – the perfect sustainable party headdress?
Eaasy leaf crown