Colourful & Eco friendly milk carton pinatas! – sustainable party crafts

Love sustainable party crafts? Then you’ll love this idea! Make your own recycled milk carton pinatas for your next celebration!

recycled milk carton craft party pinatas

This colourful Zero Waste party craft has us really excited this week – and it is the perfect kids party craft for any eco friendly party – so start saving your used milk cartons today!

sustainable party pinatas made from milk cartons

As sustainable party crafts go – Milk Carton Pinatas is a winner!

recycled milk cartons pinata garland sustainableparty craft

As sustainable party crafts go, this one is a real winner! Milk carton pinatas are virtually free to make, and so so simple – all you need is an empty milk carton, tissue paper and a glue stick!

The sky is the limit with colours – you can literally go as Bold and Bright as you fancy! – and we did! We had so much fun with this activity, and I want to share with you exactly how we did it!

Milk Carton pinata video tutorial

Watch a short video tutorial below – (or pin for later!) – then scroll down for our step by step making instructions, tips and tricks!

How to make milk carton Pinatas

milk carton and tissue paper for making milk carton pinatas

Start with an empty milk carton and colourful tissue paper!

cutting tissue paper fringing for sustainable party crafts diy pinatas

Firstly cut the tissue paper into narrow strips and make continuous cuts along one side of the strips, creating fringing for your milk carton pinatas! For an easy way to do this see full video tutorial below..

sticking homemade fringing onto a sustainable party crafts milk carton pinata

Secondly apply glue stick to the fringing strips and stick them to the milk carton, starting from the base of the carton.

sustainable party crafts pinata being decorated with pompoms

When your recycled milk carton pinata is completely covered with fringing, you can add other decorations – we used tiny pompoms!

sticks from nature being decorated with tissue paper and ribbon for sustainable party pinata crafts

Collect sticks in nature and decorate them with tissue paper, ribbon and other trims – thus creating your own pretty diy pinata sticks!

sustainable party decorations milk carton pinatas garland

Thats it you’re done! Your milk carton pinatas are ready to get the party started – and be admired by your guests!

Thank you so much for reading – and watching! – I hope you got inspired to create some awesome recycled milk carton sustainable party crafts!

sustainable kids crafts milk carton pinata party diy idea

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Have a great day!

Ulla Lake x x

sustainable party crafts milk carton pinata eco friendly kids diy
Colourful & Eco friendly milk carton pinatas! – sustainable party crafts
Milk carton pinatas