Make a compostable balloons den – A colourful & sustainable party idea!

Summer party coming up? – Why not build a compostible balloons den? It provides a colourful and fun garden party centrepiece and – moreover – if you use compostable balloons for your den, there will be no waste!

umbrella hanging in a tree with colourful compostable balloons trailing from it

Build a Compostable Balloons Den

We had so much fun with this idea and – considering how easy it is to build – I would say it’s certainly a great summer party hack!

We built our den in about 30 minutes and had literally a whole weekend of entertainment and fun in return! Giving so much joy to our guests was also amazing – they all loved hanging out with their picnic under the balloon den!

What you need for a Balloon Den:

strands of balloons and an umbrella ready to build a garden party balloon den

So let’s get going on how to create this colourful garden centrepiece – please watch the step by step video below:

How to make a balloon den:

(if you can’t see the video please tap below)

I hope you have lot’s of fun creating a colourful Balloon Den in your garden this summer! Please do comment with any questions on this idea – or send me a picture of your amazing balloon den! – I always love feedback!

P.S. the den works best on non windy days if you have a large garden..

Ulla Lake making a garden party balloon den in a tree

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compostable balloons trailing from an upside down umbrella in a tree for a garden party

Lots of love and a great week ahead to you, Ulla Lake x x

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Make a compostable balloons den – A colourful & sustainable party idea!
Eco balloon den