Oh so pretty Doughnut dreamcatchers – a fun Boho doughnut DIY!

If you love doughnuts – like me – you will probably love this fun and yummy Boho doughnut diy; Oh so pretty Doughnut Dreamcatchers!!

boho doughnut craft idea party dreamcatchers hanging decoration

Boho Doughnut Diy + Free Boho Feathers PDF Printable

Doughnuts come in all shapes and sizes – and always look just as good as they taste! In fact they often look so pretty, you can use them as decorations! So let’s go ahead and make some super pretty – and very delicious – Doughnut Dreamcatchers! The perfect boho doughnut DIY idea!

cutting out Free printable boho feathers pdf for a doughnut party diy craft

Making a dreamcatcher from a doughnut is a really fun party DIY – but also a really sticky one!! So make sure you have a damp flannel handy!

feathers attached to ribbon ready to attach to your doughnut

Once you have printed out and attached your feathers to narrow ribbon – youre ready for the fun part!

threading ribon thhough your doughnut dreamcatcher party decoration

Threading ribbon through a doughnut is a sticky business! – but worth it when you see the finished Boho Doughnut Diy Party Decoration!

doughnut with ribbons threaded through and feathers hanging from it

The finished result will look amazing at your party and – most importantly – has the added benefit of being deliciously edible! Hence the eco friendly aspect!

Your Free Printable!

For this doughnut party DIY I wanted a Boho feel – so I designed a Boho Feathers printable PDF (as seen below) – please download it under leaf:


Download and print Boho Feathers Printable (PDF) here:

Love doughnuts? – use them as eco friendly party decorations!

Your Step by Step Tutorial!

I have also made a printable step by step Party Doughnut Dreamcatcher tutorial – which you can read here and download for later use below..

party boho doughnut craft step by step tutorial

Download our Doughnut Dreamcatcher Tutorial (above) here:

I hope you will be inspired to create some colourful – and yummy! – Doughnut Dreamcatchers for your next celebration! I love feedback so please share and comment with your experiances!

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Lots of love Ulla Lake x x

boho feathers free PDF printable party diy craft idea

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Oh so pretty Doughnut dreamcatchers – a fun Boho doughnut DIY!