100 Creative ideas that spark Joy in 2020 – June

I’ve set myself the challenge to blog about 100 creative handmade ideas that spark joy – in 2020!

Now June is here – and flowers are bountiful! This month there is plenty of beautiful inspiration to choose from – especially outdoors – and I can’t wait to share all my handmade summer crafts inspiration with you! We got up to number 28 in 100 Creative ideas that spark Joy for 2020 – May! – so let’s continue with no. 29:

a great handmade summer party craft - make a cardboard box ice cream party stall! easy & simple diy that sparks joy

29. Make a Cardboard Box Ice Cream Stall!

This super cute Ice Cream Parlour – easily made from a simple cardboard box – is perfect for serving up your ice cream in style this summer!

Go to my Cardboard Box Ice Cream Parlour blog post for full step by step tutorial (includes a heart shape printable download)

a great handmade summer party craft - make a cardboard box ice cream party stall! a boy sitting in na ice cream stall with ice cream cornets

Paint your parlour pink – and add stars – for a perfect kids party centrepiece!

Visit blog post for

Full Tutorial here

make some handmade fathers day bunting this year

30. Make homemade Fathers Day Bunting!

Sunday the 21st June is Fathers Day and dad’s all over the world will be celebrated in all kinds of ways!

This year our fathers day celebrations will include making some Pretty & Colourful homemade Fathers Day Bunting – decorated with flowers and foliage!

I hope you have fun, and have a great Fathers Day!

Go to the Fathers Day Bunting blog post here..

Handmade summer crafts inspired by nature:

make an eco unicorn wand from a recycled pizza box and nature from your garden

31. Make a Nature Unicorn Wand!

If you’re anything like me – and you just might be – you love flowers! Every summer I have so much fun dreaming up gorgeous flower crafts – and this simple and magical Unicorn Nature Wand is no exception! Easily made from a Pizza Box – and gorgeous nature – it’s a perfect handmade summer craft project for kids of all ages!

For full instructions on this cute craft go to my Kids Unicorn Eco Wand blog post Here..

how to make your own handmade dried rrose petals this summer

32. Make dried rosebuds & petals -with Egg Boxes

Create beautiful homemade dried rose petals – and rosebuds – really easily and cheaply! Simply add your roses to egg cartons – then layer – and dry! It couldnt be easier!

This method is both organized and space efficient – just remember to leave your egg boxes somewhere dry and airy – and you’ll have your own beautiful homemade roses in no time!

Handmade dried rose petals are such a simple- and completely gorgeous – handmade summer craft! Ideal for kids as well as adults, it celebrates the best of summer, while preserving your precious roses for use in crafts and decorations later on!

100 Creative ideas that spark Joy in 2020 – June