100 Creative ideas that spark joy in 2020 – August & September

It’s August and summer is fully here – along with all its beautiful abundance of nature! This month is especially great for berry picking and nature walks – and there is still so much to inspire nature crafts out there..

33. Make a Princess flower crown with your child!

This fun – and really pretty! – nature craft is a celebration of your late roses and garden flowers, and a great way to entertain the kids for an afternoon. Completely inexpensive – all you need is an old cardboard box, some paint and a selection of garden flowers!

make a beautiful rose petal crown from your garden roses and a cardboard box

Please see a couple of ideas on how to construct these simple crowns below – have fun! x x

34. Upcycle an old shirt to Pretty Party Tassels!

Got an August Birthday Party coming up? This cute party decorations project is not nature based – but it’s a great way to upcycle your old shirts or scrap fabric – into stunning Party Tassels!!

Please see my short video below for an overview of how to create these inexpensive, sustainable and fun homemade party decorations! Have fun! x x

35. Make a geometric 3D paper brecelet

make a geometric 3d paper bracelet a simple paper craft activity diy

Remember making this simple paper craft as a kid? In Denmark we called them ‘musetrapper’ – ‘mouse stairs’ – and it was one of my favourite paper crafts in kindergarten! This is a slightly more sophisticated take on this activity – a geometric 3D modern art inspired paper bracelet! I love it’s super simple and modern vibes – and it’s still just as much fun to make as back then! Have fun! x x

100 Creative ideas that spark joy in 2020 – August & September