100 Creative ideas that spark Joy for 2020 – May!

May is here – and nature creativity opportunitie are aplenty! I can’t wait to see what creative ideas this month brings..

I have been challenged to share 100 Creative creative ideas that spark joy in 2020 – maybe you will be inspired by some of them! May’s ideas will be posted here – as they develop through the month – so please check back.. or follow us on Social Media to see them all!

22. Make a Rainbow Picnic

Arranging your food in colour groups – using a container with different sections – will give you a strangely uplifting lunch experience!

when I create picnics like this for my son they are always eaten up completely – even before I can steal some!

23. Pastel Eggs for breakfast

Pretty and completely naturally dyed eggs are surprisingly easy to achieve – simply dip in food colouring and leave to air dry!

Your eggs will have a gorgeous natural pastel colour – and be perfectly safe for everyone to eat for breakfast.. not just at Easter time!

pimp your porridge a creative idea that sparks joy in everyday life

24. Pimp your porridge

We love porridge a lot at our house – and eat it almost every day. Sometimes it becomes a little uninspiring – but I can’t think of a food more versatile for ‘Pimping’ to make it absolutely drop dead gorgeous again!!

Nuts, berries, fruit, seeds, candy, sauces, herbs, anything goes! Enjoy!

25. Make a Dandelion Crown

This nature craft is as lovely as it’s simple – what could be better than a nature play activity where you end up with a pretty flower crown to wear? I remember getting so much joy from this activity as a child…

Please follow this video tutorial, for how to craft a simple and beautiful dandelion crown this May!

As we’re moving through the month of May 2020 I’m really enjoying sharing so many of my creative ideas! – hopefully they will spark joy in your life too!

Now on with the next one..

My son wersing the Giant Birthday Rosette I made from a recycled pizza box a sustainable party decoration

26. Make a Giant Rosette for someone!

My son turned 10 a couple of weeks ago – and I made him this giant rosette, from a pizza box! – and it felt so good to make a BIG statement for this milestone in any boys life!

Sometimes its fun to make something that’s big on WOW! – see my blog post on how to make a Giant Rosette here

27. Use your egg boxes as art palettes!

Ever used an egg box as an art palette? It’s a really neat way to keep your paint tubes organized while having a fresh palette every time you paint – without washing it up afterwards!

And you’ll be making the most of your egg boxes before recycling them.. kind of a win win!

28. Try some Chalk Pen foot art

A great – and so pretty! – summer party idea! Paint your feet with chalk pens (Get some paint out of the pens by pushing in the nib, then paint your feet with a very fine brush!)

I had so much fun with this on my holidays – and it washed straight off afterwards with water!

100 Creative ideas that spark Joy for 2020 – May!